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Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 in Blog, Desire, Motivation, Positive Thinking, Setting Goals, Skill Set, What is self-help? |

It Starts With Your Thoughts

It Starts With Your Thoughts

It’s completely natural to try and reshape your life. In fact, many would argue that aiming to change one’s life for the better is quite a noble characteristic. So how do you start? Well, if you’re just beginning to entertain the idea that you can be in charge of your thoughts then perhaps we ought to be there.

Many do not realize that everything starts with the thoughts. Great motivational minds like T. Harv Eker and others are quick and right to point out the causal link that leads from thoughts to our results in life. Of course there are steps. The first of such steps is the affect that our thoughts have on our feelings. Sure, we don’t all go around asking ourselves where our feelings come from but should we begin to do so, we’ll be realizing that our feelings are a natural and causal outpouring of our thoughts.

Don’t get confused because this is a rather logical notion, but quite profound as well. Let’s work with an example:

If you think that you will face a negative consequence for being late, or if you carry the thought that being on time is a way that you’d like identify yourself– either thought could quickly result in being the thought that creates the feeling of rushing inside you. The feeling of anxiety can come from the conflict of two thoughts. For example, I can have the thought that I will face a negative outcome if I am late and I can also have the thought that rushing could cause me harm. It is within this conflict that the individual may feel stress or anxiety. Realize that stress and anxiety are not thoughts that you have, but rather feelings that you have which result from thoughts.

Ok, so thoughts cause feelings, what then? Well, from there your feelings cause your actions. Shoot, things just got real, didn’t they?

From thoughts, to feelings, to actions and finally onto results is the logical causal chain to recognize. We’re talking about ourselves and working on our lives because we would like to have different results in life. Imagine if we only realized that choosing better thoughts is what gets us there the fastest. Start choosing the most productive and positive thoughts to put in your head and I’ll bet that you’ll be amazed at the results.

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